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Florin Căldăraru, Cosmin Vatră, Mira Căldăraru - “Monitoring of volatile organic compounds using single tin dioxide sensor", Journal of Environmental Monitoring, Vol. 14, no.10, pp. 2616-2623, 2012
Florin Căldăraru, Alexandru Vasile, Cosmin Vatră - “VOCs Monitoring System Simulation and Design", The 5th edition of the International Conference "Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies” 26 - 29 August 2010, Constanta, Romania
Florin Căldăraru, Alexandru Vasile, Silvia Căldăraru - “Hardware Simulator of a Tin Dioxide Sensor Array For Urban Pollution Monitoring", Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics, Microelectronics, and Nanotechnologies IV. Proceedings of SPIE, Volume 7297 (2009), pp. 729728-7
Alexandru Vasile, Irina Vasile, Florin Căldăraru, Paul Schiopu, Andrei Drumea, Adina Tapu - "Coupling devices for smart transducers with optical fiber link used in automotive industry”,Presented at the 4th edition of the International Conference:"Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies"IV, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 7297 (2009), pp. 72972C-5
Gheorghe Coară, Cosmin Vatră, Florin Căldăraru,-"Versatile System for VOC Monitoring from Leather Finishing", International, Proceedings of Symposium “Leather Industry - Environment and Progressive Technologies”,Ege University Department of Leather Engineering, Izmir,Turkey,April 29th- May 1st, 2009
Alexandru Vasile, Florin Căldăraru, Mira Căldăraru - “Mems For Biosensors”, Proceedings of the XXXI International Conference of IMAPS Poland Chapter Rzeszów - Krasiczyn, 23 - 26 September 2007, p. 371-374, ISBN 978-83-917701-4-6
Mira Căldăraru, Alexandru Vasile, Florin Căldăraru - “Analytical procedure for multi gas detection from SnO2 semiconductor sensor”,SITME Conference, 21-24 September 2006, Iasi, Romania
Florin Căldăraru, Alexandru Vasile, Mira Căldăraru - “Hardware simulator for design and characterization of MOEMS for environmental applications”, ATOM 2006 conference, November 2006, Bucharest, Romania
Florin Căldăraru, C. Ionescu, Alexandru Vasile, Mira Căldăraru - “Chemo-Optical Sensor for Toxic Gases Detection”, Proceedings of the 28 th International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology: Meeting the Challenges of Electronics Technology Progress, 2005
Mira Căldăraru, A. Vasile, F. Crăciunoiu, Dana Cristea, Anca Paraschiv, F. Căldăraru Proc. SPIE Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics Microelectronics, and Nanotechnologies II Vol. 5972, p. 205-210, 24-26 Nov. 2004, Bucharest, Romania
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Florin Caldararu, Senior Member IEEE, Stefan Patrascu, Mira Caldararu, Anca Paraschiv - Higher Education Level Laboratory For Real Time Pollution Monitoring, Proceedings of IGARSS'03 Conference, vol. VII, pp. 4587-4589, July 21 - 24, 2003, Toulouse, France
Dana Cristea, Florin Craciunoiu, Mircea Modreanu, Mira Caldararu, Ileana Cernica- Photonic circuits integrated with CMOS compatible photodetectors, Optical Materials, Vol 17/1-2,2001,  pp. 201-205
Florin Caldararu, Alexandru Vasile, Mira Caldararu - Autonomous system for real time air pollution monitoring using semiconductor toxic gas sensors, ISSE 2001, Calimanesti - Caciulata, Romania, May 5 - 9, 2001 (in Romanian)
Dana Cristea, Florea Craciunoiu, Mira Caldararu - Silicon Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits for MOEMS, Proc. SPIE Symposium   Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MOEMS -DTIP'2000, Paris, Franta,Vol. SPIEE 4019, pp.516-525, 2000
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Florin Caldararu, Stefan Patrascu, Mira Caldararu, Anca Paraschiv, Dan Nicolaescu - The far to equilibrium time-evolution of the ozone layer:Steady-state and critical behaviour, Atmospheric Environment, vol. 33, no. 26, pp. 4243 – 4254, 1999
Florin Caldararu, Mira Caldararu, Stefan Patrascu, Anca Paraschiv, Dan Nicolaescu - Natural And Anthropogenetic Pollution Limits Of The Stratospheric Ozone, at the IGARSS ’99 Conference, Hamburg, June 28 – July 02, 1999, vol. II, pp. 843 - 845
Florin Caldararu, Stefan Patrascu, Mira Caldararu, Anca Paraschiv, Dan Nicolaescu - Ozone Distribution in the Stratosphere-Troposphere System Using the Interdisciplinary Physics Modelling, at the IGARSS’97 Conference, Singapore, August 3-8, 1997
Florin Caldararu, Stefan Patrascu, Mira Caldararu, Dan Nicolaescu - Time-evolution of the ozone layer: steady-state conditions from irreversible thermodynamics modelling at Fourth SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Aspects in Geosciences, June 16-19, 1997, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Florin Caldararu, Stefan Patrascu, Mira Caldararu, Dan Nicolaescu - Thermodynamically Modelling of the Ozone Layer Evolution, Rev. Roumaine de Geophysique, vol. 40, pp. 81-96, 1996
Florin Craciunoiu, Mira Caldararu, Dan Dascalu, Florin Caldararu, Anca Paraschiv, Constantin Klier - Chemo-Optical Sensor for Air Pollution Monitoring Systems, presented at the IIIrd NEXUSPAN Workshop on Microsystem in Environmental Monitoring, Moscow, 13-14 December, 1996
Florin Caldararu, Beniamin Cotigaru, Mira Caldararu, Constantin Klier, Anca Paraschiv - "A real -time method for industrial pollution decreasing", Proceedings of the International Symposium on Environmental Protection, p. 177, Bucharest, September 10-13, 1996
M. Caldararu, F. Craciunoiu, A. Paraschiv, D. Cristea, F. Caldararu, C. Klier, G. Mirea, A. Vasile, M. Nicolae - "Silicon Photodiode-Waveguide Coupling-Two-Dimensional Modelling", Software Simulation and Experiments, Solid-State Electronics, vol. 39, no. 11, pp. 1649-1657, 1996
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Caldararu F., Nicolaescu D., Caldararu M. - "Balance equations for UV solar spectrum using irreversible thermodynamics", presented at the Workshop organized by NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI), 2-11 October 1995, Halkidiki, Greece
Fl. Caldararu, M. Caldararu, A.Jelev, A.Iacob - "Air Pollution Monitoring Using SnO2 Sensors" , International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IGARSS’94, Pasadena, 8-12 August 1994
Cotigaru B., Petrescu V., Caldararu F., Smigelschi M., Nicolescu C., Stanciu C., Goliat C., Stan N., Hapan R. - The Ecosanogenetic Dimension, a Criterion of Decision in R & D of the Contemporary Product, Forum Ware, vol. 20, no. 1-4, p. 11 (1992)

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